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1. Placement inside Newsletters which go out to 65,000+ businesses weekly.

This keeps you connected with potential clients so that you can build your network.

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Web Leads Advertising - Sponsor Newsletter Detailed

Benefits include

-placement in our newsletter which goes out to 65,000+ recipients weekly (and growing)
-generate new contacts and leads
-flexible contract, pay as you go
-refer customers to Web Leads and receive residual revenue share
-Cost: Contact your representative.

2. Targeted Email Marketing

By focusing your messaging in an effective way, to your target audience, we help you to capture high-quality exclusive leads.

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Benefits include

-Web Leads will send your company’s message to our database of high quality opt-in prospects.
-Focus of the campaign is to generate leads via email and social media.
-We provide tracking through Google Analytics.
-We target specific business-types and geographic locations, generating you the types of customers you want.
-flexible contract, pay as you go.
-For an extra fee Web Leads can write a weekly blog, newsletter, and also post messages on your social media campaigns, geared toward generating you new leads.

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