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FAQ – MassTexting

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What are the best uses for the MassTexting tool?

-Send a marketing message to potential customers
-Send updates or notifications to employees, customers, contacts, or clients
-Send coupons to customers
-Invitations to events
-Confirmation messages


Do I need permission from my contacts to send text messages? 

Yes! Please ensure that you are abiding by all CAN-SPAM and  TCPA regulation. By signing up and activating your account with MassTexting, you assume all liability and responsibility when sending texts to your clients, and must confirm to us that your contacts have all given proper consent to receive text messages. After all, we need to abide by the law, and the last thing we want is to annoy folks with unwanted messages!


If I don’t yet have permission from my contacts to send text messages, how can I get it?

This is easy and can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to add a TCPA disclaimer at the bottom of all contact forms on your website or any place in which a customer opts-in to receive communication from you. You will need to specifically state that you intend to send them text messages. See an example disclaimer on a website form here.


Can I send a custom message? 

Yes! You can send any text message up to 160 characters. When you send the message it will go out to all of the recipients which you have placed in the “recipients” box.


When someone replies to one of my MassTexts, how I see the message? 

All responses are stored in your account portal. You can configure your account to receive the response via text on your mobile device.


How many MassTexts can I send? 

This is dependent on your plan. Keep in mind, the number of texts mentioned in your plan is the total number of messages, including the responses you get from customers. For example, if you sign up for the 250-text plan, you can send 125 messages and receive 125 responses. Or, you can send 250 messages and not receive any responses. Either way, it will allow for a maximum of 250 inbound/outbound text messages.


What is the cost? 

View our pricing page for more details.


Can I use MassTexting to send images? 

At this time MassTexting cannot be used to send images. We hope to add this feature in the future.

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