Intro Email to Prospect

Subject: [Make the subject line the domain of the customer. For example, if I am emailing Tim from, my subject line will be “”].

Message body:

[Customer’s first name],

[Then put a maximum of 3 sentences. The first 2 should be informative or basic selling points, with the last sentence being a question. This ensures the customer will not be intimidated by the email and will understand that the question must be answered, to get to the next step. This could be asking the customer about web site hosting or it could be about the design/ marketing campaign for their site. ]

[your signature]

For example:

“Hi Bob,

I am contacting you about your web site. I like the design but I think with some improvements, we could increase the conversion rate on your site significantly. Where is the site currently being hosted?

John Thompson

Test Web Design

123 Test way

Los Angeles, CA 90014″



Your emails should not show pricing on the first message.

Do not make the message lengthy, anything longer than a few sentences is too much.

Always end the message with a question, to show the customer you are interested in learning more about their business, so that you can assist.