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Web Design Stats To Help Your Business

Via  Ironpaper, 10 web design statistics that can help designers. Designers can stand to benefit from adopting a consumer-centric approach. These stats will not only help you grow as a design professional but can help you understand what you need to do to not only close your web design leads but keep clients around for the long run.

Informing that you understand some of the following statistics can help them trust you and your services:

  1. 40% of people ventured away from a website if it loaded for more than 3 seconds
  2. 44% of mobile users reported that navigating a web page was difficult and 6% complained of difficulties interacting with it
  3. 62% of companies which designed their website(s) for mobile platforms increased their sales and 64% of companies that designed their website for tablets increased sales.
  4. Colors increased web recognition by 80%. Sites with dark color schemes increased growth by 2% whereas sites with lighter color schemes experienced 1.3% growth
  5. 70% of people looked at lists with bullet points. 55% looked at lists without bullet points
  6. 67% of shoppers were more likely to buy from a website that is compatible with mobile devices

Read all the stats and full article on Ironpaper HERE.

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