Custom SEO Lead Generation:

1 Dedicated agent
Dedicated agent producing via email and LinkedIn.
Branded ad copy and messaging.
Detailed call analysis
Target the exact type of lead you want.
Target by geographic area, business type, and more.
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2 Dedicated Agents
Dedicated team producing via email and LinkedIn.
Branded ad copy and messaging
Detailed call analysis
Target the exact type of lead you want,
by geographic area, business type, and more.
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3 Dedicated Agents
Dedicated team producing via email and LinkedIn.
Branded ad copy and messaging
Detailed call analysis
Target the exact type of lead you want,
by geographic area, business type, and more.
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Aged Non-exclusive Lead Packages:

100 Shared Leads
-100 High-quality Leads per month
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200 Shared Leads
-200 High-quality Leads per month
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500 Shared Leads
-500 High-quality Leads per month
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SEO Leads Include:

-Real-time SEO leads

-Aged SEO Leads

-Data lists by area and industry

-TCPA Compliant

-Try SEO Leads Today!

SEO Leads help SEO companies to find new clients. Every business needs leads regardless of theirsource. Helping your business to have quality connections with great potential SEO clients is our top priority. We generate real-time SEO leads but also have non-exclusive aged SEO leads. Web Leads provides the best and most affordable SEO lead service you will find and our clients value a long term business partnership with our team. We will connect you with small to medium sized businesses via email, who we have connected with on social media, email, or by phone. By working with our team and following our “Best Practices” you will be using a proven model for converting SEO leads into customers, which produces tangible results. 


Buying SEO Leads

By signing up with Web Leads you will be receiving high quality leads, generated by a dedicated team. Our affordable month-to-month plans have proven to be profitable for SEO companies. You have the option to pre-pay for a for a number of months in advance, at a discounted price. Our exclusive SEO Lead plans offer the best value  in the industry and enable you to get the lowest price per lead. 


High Quality SEO Leads

By generating you a direct line of communication with prospects, we give your leads the opportunity to build rapport with your team and be nurtured through the sales cycle.

Studies have shown that by giving a prospect more options (i.e. more education on how SEO can benefit their business) the overall chances of that lead signing up increase. Our service is beneficial because it truly educates the prospect and also offers a “fair playing ground” for the SEO consultants receiving our leads. 


Are my SEO Prospects verified before being sent to me?

Yes, we verify each lead by confirming their email address and phone number. This being said, one of the elements that is “part of the beast” of the lead generation industry is our digital form of “breakage”, or in this case “bad leads”. These situations range from customers who may have changed their mind after the request was made, to a miscommunication about the point of contact handling the request, to an email or phone number experiencing problems after the time at which our team verified the info. You can send any bad leads back for credit, as they are inevitable despite our hands-on approach to verifying each prospect.

What about bad leads?

We return any lead that isn’t valid and take pride in our return policy being one of the most respected and competitive in the industry. If you are following our Best Practices (which requires us to have access to your CRM or to receive reports showing call-notes when working our leads), then we return every lead that you don’t actually pitch.

What do I say when I call the SEO prospect?

There are a multitude of ways you can introduce a sales call, however our leads require a very specific process to be used, in order to maximize the results. We recommend a “less-salesy” method for explaining the nature of your call to the SEO prospect. We want you to act as consultants and not as salespeople. Typically this is done by letting the prospect know that you are calling about their SEO campaign, and their potential interest in having some work performed to generate better results. This works much better than the typical approach of “hello prospect-name, I’m calling from ABC company, about your SEO request”. Our scripts will

I have had issues with 3rd party leads in the past…

For starters, we will be generating your company exclusive and direct leads if you decide to work with us on a recurring basis, and watch us accomplsh what a team of 10 in-house “cold callers” or “appointment setters” could accomplish, at a fraction of the cost.
Web Leads, Inc was one of the first companies to start producing and selling high quality SEO leads. We have continued to refine our product and to grow as a team, which has made us the most trusted name in the industry. We consider ourselves to be a boutique lead generation company rather than company that “sells data”. We take pride in connecting great SEO companies with great clients. When you buy seo leads, you should purchase with confidence. Our goal is to help our clients produce the best results possible and this is evident quickly when working with our team and following our methodology for closing leads.

How many leads can I handle?

We gauge performance by analyzing CRM reports that show your activity notes on each SEO lead. By looking at your sales metrics in comparison with results from our client roster of 900+ companies, we can help you to understand opportunity for improvement based on what is working for other firms. Rather than guesswork, unrealistic expectations, or false hopes, we prefer to align you with a path to follow which will generate a tangible ROI. This doesn’t happen with one batch of leads overnight. By giving yourself enough time and leads to allow the sales cycle to follow through and a realistic pipeline to be created, you will build a profitable stream of recurring revenue stream from our leads.

Do you have reviews or testimonials?

Many of our clients at Web Leads started small and have continuously relied on our leads to grow their agency. Javier at New Standard Solutions is just one example. Click here to view the video. See the reviews page for more.


How does the lead generation process work?

You have your own dedicated team, working tirelessly to generate you top notch leads! Instead of “buying leads” what you are really doing is getting an incredible rate for a highly skilled team of professional lead generators, utilizing multiple mediums to connect your company with new customers.

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