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5 Questions To Ask Your New Web Design Client

Now that you have successfully closed on the leads you received from one of our lead buying packages, it’s time to get to work. Before you get carried away with the fun part of designing, you will want to ask your new client questions that will save you time, money, and extra stress in the end.

  • What do you want your website to accomplish? – This is a question you might have asked prior to closing your lead. Do not start a web design project until you know what the client wants from their new site. Is it sales, memberships, newsletter sign-ups, etc?
  • What makes your company unique? – Find out what makes your client remarkable. Are they cheap? Do they offer free delivery service? Are they an exclusive supplier? These details can help you create the right presence for them.
  • Who are your competitors? – This is a great way for you to do some research. Seeing competitor sights can help you understand a little more, what it is your client needs to accomplish with their website.
  • What websites do you like? – Asking your client what they like and why is an easy way to begin creating their website design. Ask them what they like, and why, and you will be able to satisfy them creatively.
  • What features do you want your site to have? – Critical question when it comes to designing. You will save yourself a lot of time by asking this question. Do they need a blog, shopping cart, onsite videos, or social media implementation?
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