Application Development Sales Team Tips

There are a number of advantages to buying application development leads compared to simple “cold calling.” In particular, the fact that these leads made the effort to do some research on the services and products you provide.

But this initial interest doesn’t necessarily make it easier to convert this lead into a sale. In all likelihood, you are not the only company this person has evaluated during their research process. If your sales team cannot make a compelling case for why your products or services are the best option to address the prospect’s needs, they may just move on and look for other development firms.

Here are a couple tips to help you and your sales team:

  1. Focus your sales team on becoming experts in your application development services. Generalized sales people create inefficiencies and cost money. Make sure each sales team member is fully knowledgeable in the field.
  2. Most businesses rely on sales people to multi-task, which is an issue. Many people believe specialization can only happen in larger business, but that’s the problem. As soon as you have a developer making sales calls and not focusing on business, you will begin to see more work problems.