Can I test the leads before paying for them? Free Trial?

Web Leads does not offer free trials. We understand that in this industry where so many lead companies do not provide great service, it’s tough to know that you aren’t wasting your money. We encourage our clients to research other lead providers, ask the important questions, and to make sure the product is clearly understood, before the purchase.

We frequently hear reasoning such as “I will be one of your biggest clients and buy a lot of leads, but I need free ones first”. Although we respect this logic, and the devotion to reducing overhead for your business as much as possible, we also know that our largest and most consistent long-term clients, have all started by purchasing the leads.

In the same way that a service provider such as an seo company or web designer, does not want to offer free service in order to “prove” their value, we do not offer free leads. We prefer working with clients that currently purchase leads, have a sales system for converting the leads, and who understand the market. The more educated our clients are about the lead industry, prior to engaging Web Leads, the more realistic their expectations are and the higher their level of satisfaction, when using the lead service. For those that have not previously purchased leads, we encourage the use of our help portal, so that posts such as this one, can inform you about industry standards.

We ask our clients to trust us, and as part of building that trust, we have phone conversations, email exchanges, and encourage the use of our extensive leads help portal, to make sure you’re 100% informed. If you still are unsure about whether Web Leads may be the best fit, please call us today with your questions! (800)-560-6875.