How do I cancel my account?

For One-time purchases:

When you sign up on our web site via the WebLeads Sign Up form, you are only agreeing to one purchase of leads. We absolutely do not “auto-charge” or re-start your account, without your consent, via this sign up form, or via a separate “monthly renewal” contract.

When you purchase leads, you are selecting the amount of leads that you will receive, as well as the number we should send to you each day.

There is no need to “cancel” your account, as you will be moved to a “paused” status in the WebLeads system, after your account reaches its maximum. In order for us to turn the account on again, we would need to receive another purchase order.

For Monthly Renewal Accounts:

You are required to provide at least 7 days notice of cancellation, via email, to



1. We do not offer refunds.

2. You cannot pause or change your daily lead limit once you have purchased leads. You must wait until the next batch of leads that you purchase, to make a change to the account. You will receive that number of leads each day, until that batch of leads is finished. you are agreeing to receive the entire number of leads purchased, at the daily rate that you have selected when signing up.

3. For more details on how to best prepare for the leads you will receive, or to manage the daily flow, please see:

Solutions or Alternatives to Pausing or Stopping Account

Best Practices for WebLeads