Web Leads LLC

Can I see one of your Landing Pages?

Sometimes we get asked if we can show “one of the landing pages you use to produce leads”. We want to clarify this, with a short explanation of our process in generating the leads.

The 500+ web sites we use are not for the direct purpose of generating a quote request. Our goal is to generate a large number of “opt-in” email business contacts, on a monthly basis, that we may add to a newsletter. The newsletter could contain facts about SEO and web design, in an effort to educate the prospect. Eventually, we ask if the business is open to receiving a quote for either seo or web design.

Individuals that respond positively are asked to provide a bit more detail, and are sent out as leads. In this way, the original source of the contact may have been from one of our informational web sites, that may not contain an offering for an SEO quote. Our attempt to educate prospects prior to engaging the quote request, is done so in an effort to produce a better conversion rate of interested prospects, as well as a higher-quality lead for our clients.

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