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Freelance Web Designer Tips to Generate Leads

Freelance Web Designer Tips to Generate Leads

To be a successful and profitable freelance web designer, you must be able to find and keep clients. Buying web design leads at an affordable price is always the best way to get started. All that’s left is to connect with your potential clients and make an offer they can’t refuse.

Here are a few great web designer tips to help you on your way:

Have a great website

The first things your web design lead will do is look at your website. Have a well optimized and well designed site. Make it as professional as possible—your website should showcase your skills. Social media and a blog are also important so that they can learn as much about you and your business as possible.

Be personal

Your web design leads want to feel you understand their problems and have the skills to solve them. When most people are weighing two freelancers who are equal in every way, they’ll hire the one they like most. This means you want to make sure you’re relatable. If it’s appropriate, take time to chat and get to know clients. Ask questions that help you understand their business goals.

Pricing and value

Pricing is always about value. You want to add value and deliver more than clients expect. There are many ways you can easily do this, like giving progress reports during the project, asking for input at various stages in the project, or following up afterward to make sure there are no issues. However you decide to do it, make sure clients feel they got the better end of the stick.

Web designer client reviews

These days even non-technical business owners or marketing managers know how to do their research. Make sure your company has a great online presence itself, especially if you’re building and marketing websites for businesses. The “proof” they want to see is not just in the form of existing websites you’ve built (i.e. your portfolio), but also reviews of real customers sharing their experience. Get more reviews for your business, start with Google Reviews.


Some of the most successful agencies use both in-house campaigns as well as 3rd party lead generation. The logic being, “any lead is a good lead”. At Web Leads, we’ve developed the most sophisticated methods for custom lead generation, to assist web design agencies in growing their clientele.

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