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How Do App Development Leads Generate Clients?

Why Aged App Development Leads are Good For Business

How do app development leads work?

Our app development leads program works best for established app developers with a track record of success. It also works for startups with sales people who can help to bridge the gap for potential clients who may not be as technical. The most common start to any sales dialogue is an entry level or even executive at a business, non-technical, collecting information about how a personalized app would benefit their business. If your sales people / consultants can articulate this audibly and visually, the customer can understand the benefits and make an informed decision.

How Are App Leads Generated?

All app development leads are generated using the same method as any other lead. More businesses than ever before are in need of either 1) a newly designed app or 2) maintenance on an existing App, functional or not. Many will ask basic questions, such as “will my app appear in the App Store?”

For app developers (mobile and web) who are learning the ropes as sales people (often a tough gap to bridge), using an app leads service can be a great way to pickup new clients. With the high cost of generated leads via paid search (some companies spend $250-$500 to generate a single prospect), you will be able to pursue new clients and accelerate your revenue growth. Paying specifically for a lead gen service vs. “throwing caution to the wind” with any paid advertising program that isn’t specifically managed by experienced lead-gen pros, is a no-brainer.   

What’s the difference between a referral and a lead?

If you’ve only generated clients through referrals up to this point, your experience will require more business development and a dedicated team of consultants or sales people at your company to work leads. For companies who aren’t experienced with leads or don’t have a sales team, it is strongly recommended that you work closely with our client services team to assist you in properly working the leads. 

Contact us at 800-560-6875 to learn more about having a custom team of pros generating app leads exclusively for your business development team. 

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