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Retain Your App Development Clients

Retaining your app development clients can be difficult. Often this is because results don’t happen over night. The problem is, many of your clients are not necessarily going to understand this right off the bat. The app industry is competitive and it often takes updates and time to see real results.

So what is the solution to long term client retention, and for keeping your clients happy?

Here we provide you with a simple and effective approach on how you can keep your app development leads happy and around long-term.

  • Provide educational information to the client right from the moment you speak with them and continue through the length of your relationship. Most clients  have very little knowledge about the application industry and what it entails. The more information you can provide will help them understand and not get frustrated.
  • Be honest about your service, how you get results, and your pricing. This is the best way to create a long-term relationship. Explain to them just how you plan on getting them results and why you charge the amount you do for your services.
  • Set clear expectations but don’t over promise. Make sure you can exceed the expectations you’ve set for yourself. This is critical. You want your app development lead to know exactly what they are going to get and just how long it takes to begin to see successful results.
  • Customer Service should always be at the top of your list when it comes to making your clients happy. Always respond quickly, and answer questions the best you can. Keep them updating on progress, make them feel comfortable that they can rely on you.
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