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The Lifespan Of A SEO Or Web Design Lead

As you already know, the most effective and affordable way to find SEO and web design leads is with a high quality lead buying program. These programs allow you to receive up to 30 leads a day from potential clients looking for the exact type of service you have to offer. This saves you both time and money from trying to chase down leads on your own. This is easy enough, but it is important not to overlook your customers buying cycle.

Whether your potential customer takes a long or short time to consider buying your service, can help you determine your next steps. With this knowledge, you can create a process that will ensure you do not miss an opportunity.

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A short buying cycle requires an extremely quick follow up. You want to contact this client to offer your services and products while it is fresh on their mind. By doing this you will have an opportunity to beat out your competitors, as short buying cycle clients are less likely to seek out other services.

Longer buying cycles can be treated a little differently. Understand exactly how interested they are, even if they are not ready to buy yet. Ask them when they will be ready to speak again so that you can monitor them Decide on an appropriate contact time as frequent phone calls or e-mails can just frustrate them.

Always follow up on your leads regardless of their lifespan. If you or your business needs help, your lead buying program provider should be able to provide you with assistance on how to close on the leads you receive from their program.



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