Web Design Leads and Client Service

Once you have purchased your web design leads and you begin to get new clients, you want to deliver a great experience.  We tell all of our lead buying customers the most important aspect is the relationships that you establish with the clients who hire you.

Creating Real Relationships- Designers are easily replaceable with better cheaper options. However, clients are much less likely to consider replacing people with whom they have real relationships.

Ask Real Questions – Asking someone about their business goals is easy. Asking them about their life outside of the office is harder, but by being overly cautious, we miss the chance to create a real relationship.

Pick up the Phone – By hearing your voice, clients will feel more connected to you and the project. It also shows them that you value them enough to take the time to make a personal call, and it gives you a chance to talk about something other than business.

Show Your Appreciation- Handwritten letters have become all but extinct these days. The gesture of a personal letter will delight and surprise your client, not only because you have thanked them, but because the way you did so was personal, memorable and the perfect cap to a successful project and keep them around as clients.