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Why Buy Hotlist SEO Leads

Why Buy Hotlist SEO Leads

The Hotlist is a service we started with the small to medium-sized agency in mind. When you purchase this service, you get a list where leads are updated weekly, with contacts that have been specifically chosen by Web Leads professionals.This is what makes the Hotlist unique.

All Hotlist contacts have previously requested a quote (at least 90 days in the past), for SEO leads and our other lead tier services, and may or may not have made a buying decision. The contacts should have a recollection of their previous interaction with online marketing consultants, and some of them may have intended on making a buying decision that fell through, for a number of reasons.

For an agency or firm, this is a great opportunity for you or your sales team, to make contact with prospects and re-engage them in the discussion about their request.

Purchasing from the Hotlist lead tier includes points such as:

  • at least 50 contacts are added to the list weekly
  • contacts are at least 90 days
  • Previously interested in speaking with up to 4 qualified consultants about their service needs
  • May or may not have made a buying decision in the past
  • Company name, Contact name, Email, Phone provided

Find out more about our Hotlist SEO leads, web design leads, call center leads and app development leads on our site.

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