What Your Web Design Leads Will Want To Know – Part 2

This week we continue with our tips to help you understand what your web design leads will want to know. Use these in helping you close your leads and securing more customers.

  1. Step by Step Process
    Let customers know that you will provide them with step-by-step guidance during the design process.  This includes how to deal with their site should something happen out of the ordinary and what your procedures and time line for finishing work will be. Providing status reports is the easiest way to do all of this.
  2. Feedback Options
    Encourage feedback about your products and services. This will help your new prospects feel comfortable in hiring you. It can be a great incentive for them to choose you over any other designer. They will feel good, knowing that they get to have input on what you are doing for their company.
  3. A Call To Action
    Customers want signs or buttons in order for their clients to act. Let them know that all the work you do will provide calls to action. The most important thing is that your design services help their business succeed.
  4. Personalization
    By personalizing a sale with a special offer, incentive or coupon, you will give your web design leads an even bigger reason to go with your services. Make them feel special in that you are helping them by providing them with a special cost point. This is especially important when working with small businesses.