Retaining Your SEO Leads – Part 1

Retaining Your SEO Leads – Part 1This is part 1 of 2 posts to help you retain your SEO leads. Retaining your clients is a critical part of your business since SEO results don’t just happen overnight. Most campaigns need to be long term, which means making your client happy and understanding to the idea that things are going to happen right off the bat.

Here we provide you with a simple yet effective approach on how to keep your clients longer and happier.


The most difficult part of an SEO/Client relationship is that the client has no understanding of SEO. The best thing you can do is educate your client from the very beginning. Give your client a basic understanding of SEO. This foundation will allow them to understand the research you have put into their niche, how you are helping them get a jump on competition, how the process works so they do not become impatient. No matter how much work you do, none of it will matter if your client doesn’t understand the long-term process.

Be Straightforward

Being honest will go a long way. Let your clients know everything from strategy to pricing. It is important that your client understand why you are doing what you are doing. Be specific. Explaining things can really help them understand concepts as well as why you approach SEO in a spefic way  and why you are hcarging what you are charging. It will also help them appreciate your service and how you do business.

Next week on  the blog, we will continue our second part on how you can keep your SEO lead clients longer, and happier.