3 Things to Avoid When Communicating with an SEO Lead Via Email

Communicate effectively to close SEO leads.

Try to avoid these three things when emailing a lead.

You may be wondering why the last few blog posts’ main subjects have centered around communication. Well, communication is key is most every aspect of life, but especially so in sales. And when trying to communicate with an SEO or web design lead, there are a few things you need to avoid when emailing a lead so you can close the sale

Your emails should not show pricing on the first message.

Just like you should never ask how much a job is paying during an interview, never include pricing in the first response to a potential lead. This may deter a potential lead from wanting to hear more about your services if the pricing isn’t what they’re looking for. Don’t sabotage yourself right off the bat.

Do not make the message lengthy.

Any email longer than a few sentences is too much. You want the email recipient to be able to quickly scan your message and pull out the important pieces easily and quickly. Don’t make them have to work for the information. Make it accessible.

Always end the message with a question.

This shows the potential lead you’re interested in learning more about their business, so that you can assist. When you come across with interest in a customer’s business, it can make him or her feel appreciated; therein giving you the opportunity to inform them of how your services can work for the business.

Use this sample email as a template

Subject: [Make the subject line the domain of the customer. For example, if I am emailing Tim from TimsLimoService.com, my subject line will be “timslimoservice.com”].

Message body:

[Customer’s first name],

[Then put a maximum of 3 sentences. The first 2 should be informative or basic selling points, with the last sentence being a question. This ensures the customer will not be intimidated by the email and will understand that the question must be answered, to get to the next step. This could be asking the customer about web site hosting or it could be about the design/ marketing campaign for their site. ]

[your signature]

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