Can I get local-only leads, or leads based on geographic location?

At this time, we do not have the ability to separate or send leads based on location. We provide U.S. based leads and those are sent to all clients, nationwide, in random or unbiased order.

We will be working on a more advanced lead sending system, as the volume of leads we produce increases, to enable clients to select certain cities or states, from which they want to receive prospects. When we add this feature, it will likely increase the cost of the non-exclusive lead, to $25-$30, based on our coverage for the area and cost accordingly.

This being said, we’ve worked with all clients, to help them reach the best closing percentages possible, by providing the WebLeads Best Practices sheet. We have found that geography is not important to the prospects in our network, mainly finding a provider (like yourself) that can perform reliable and trustworthy work.