What does a lead look like? What information is listed on a lead?

All leads are sent containing the following fields:

-Contact name

-Business Name

-Email Address

-Phone number

-Comments (when available)

-Website (when available)


When sent via email, the leads look like this:

Company Name: Bob Smith
Contact Name: Test Company
Contact Phone: 818-555-1212
Contact Email: info@bobsmithstestcompany.com
Address: P. O. Box 4444
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
ZipCode: 90014
Date service is needed: //
Web site URL: bobstestcompanywebsite.com
Type of business:
# of years in business:
Have you paid for a web site / SEO before?: no
If so, how much?:
Are you currently paying for advertising?: no
Services to Quote:


Website Design / Website Management