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Can you qualify or send leads based on the budget of the prospect?

Currently, we do not qualify or send leads based on budget. We have found that many prospects, due to not being educated when it comes to online marketing or web sites, may initially have an unrealistic perspective of what a service “should” cost.

After being educating and building rapport with one of our providers (Clients who purchase leads from us), the prospect understands the logic behind the cost structure, and is generally more OK with spending a larger amount on the project. If we would have asked them prior to the start, about their budget, the answer would not only come from a biased or uninformed standpoint, it would also be misleading to you as the provider.

We encourage all clients to work all leads with an equal sense of urgency, until or unless you determine it to be a high-budget or low-budget prospect. This way, you give the leads the best chance possible, you aren’t “pre-judging”, and you are paving the way for some great future clients.

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