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Top 3 Ways To Build A Thriving SEO Blog

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Once you turn those SEO leads into clients, you will begin a strategy to help them improve their online business. Every SEO provider knows that building a successful blog give them the kind of online presence they are after. A thriving blog will bring traffic, and leads that can turn into sales. In this post, we offer you 3 top strategies that will help you produce quality content and get the kind of results you need for your client’s success.

Top 3 Blog Strategies

Consistent New Content – Adding new content to a blog to bring in traffic is not anything new. But consistency is key. If you don’t have a regular writer on staff to focus on your blogs, it can easily become sporatic. The best idea is to specifically hire someone for blogging. If you have someone staff who is already working on other things they may not have the time to be as consistent as needed to have a thriving blog.

Adding Real Value – Adding new, consistent content is great, but now you need to make sure you are adding value to the conversation. This means posting blogs about industry topics that are relevant and not just creating fluff content for content. Make sure your blogger has all the information and time needed, to be able to write with total knowledge about the industry your client is in.

Quality – So now you are adding content, consistently and providing something to read for your followers. The last strategy is quality writing. You might not think this is as important for a business blog, but think again. No one wants to read something with poor grammar and mistakes. Nor do they want to waste their time reading something that doesn’t flow. Make sure your blogger/writers have the skills necessary to be able to write quality content that makes sense and is easy to read.


SEO providers know that every SEO client needs a quality content marketing strategy. A blog is a great place to start.

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