How to Close Your First Lead

Now What?

You have purchased an SEO lead package and have received your first lead. Now what? It’s an exciting moment when you receive a new prospect, and what you do next is going to be important. Giving your prospect a pleasant experience and a good impression will increase your probability to close the lead.

Here are a few steps you should take every time you get an SEO lead, if you want to improve your close ratio.

Step 1: Contact Immediately
This immediate communication shows that you received her quote request and you’re already working hard for her. Studies have shown businesses that contact prospects within an hour of receiving an online request are seven times more likely to qualify the lead.

Step 2: Follow Up
Whether or not your lead buys a policy from you, follow up. This is another opportunity to stay in front of your prospects. It also shows them that you care and helps them to remember you in the future. If you have the technology to automate your follow ups, even better. You don’t have to remember to follow up with every lead that comes into your agency. An automated agency marketing system, once set up, can do it for you every time.

Step 3: Stay in Touch

Continue to send communications at key times throughout the year. You can also use newsletters to show your agency’s personality and provide prospects with useful information. Through these communications, you will keep your agency in front of your prospects, and they will know they can come to you for their future needs.