Email or Phone To Sell To Your SEO Leads?

Communication Conundrum

In this world of instant gratification, the question in the title might come as a no-brainer. Good ole fashion phone calls, right? Well, it may be surprising to find that a lot of successful SEO leads are conducted via email. But that’s not to say that email is the ultimate form of communication. There are the pros and cons of using both. What are they, you ask? Great question!

Email Communication


  1. Professionals are allotted the time to think about a response and explain it thoroughly. This is definitely an ideal form of communication if a salesman or woman is prone to “word vomit,” saying any and everything that comes to mind. This can kill a sale faster than…well, fast.
  2. Clients will be sure to have the salesperson’s contact information on hand in an email, especially if a signature block is used that includes all that pertinent info.
  3. Clients can instantly recall the salesperson’s exact words, so there’s no fear of having missed something. This is especially helpful if the client has terrible short-term memory. He or she won’t have to contact you via phone and ask the same questions over and over.


  1. Email has the potential to lengthen a sale because responses aren’t instant.
  2. Answering questions via email can sometimes, inadvertently, spark new questions from the client. This could through off your sales pitch.
  3. Clients can miss tonality in email responses, which means the salesperson runs the risk of someone taking something the wrong way. Think about it. Words have power, and without the benefit of voice tone, things can go south—really fast!

Phone Communication


The speed with which a sale can be closed makes phone communication a winner in our book!

  1. If a salesperson can set the flow of the conversation and keep the client’s attention, that’s half the battle right there.
  2. Not only can a salesperson set the flow of the convo, but also steer it back where it needs to be with a particularly talkative client.


  1. If the salesperson isn’t a straight talker, phone communication will likely be a nightmare. There are no “do-overs” on the phone. So, if something silly is said and the client happens to hear it…no take backs!
  2. Because the phone is such a sociable device by nature, it may make some clients feel as though they can keep a salesperson on the phone for hours…and hours…and hours…and—you get the point.
  3. The ability to explain complex details might become cumbersome and confuse clients. If this is the case, just write down everything so it comes across more clearly.

At the end of the day, if using that old rotary phone glued to the wall or continuing to have messages misinterpreted, is every individual’s prerogative. We won’t make fun of you…much. Which other form of communication used, make the most of it, and provide clients with the information necessary for them to make sound decisions.

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