Expert Uses SEO Leads To Offer Services Throughout Washington State

An SEO expert is expanding its services throughout the entire state of Washington and they are using SEO leads to reach more clients and introduce their services. Aside from SEO services, they also offer keywords and backlinks assistance.

Auburn SEO Expert Introduces Services To Local Businesses In Washington

eBusiness Masters, a marketing consultancy agency in Kent, WA, is proud to announce that they now provide local Auburn SEO services to local businesses in the Washington area. Full details about the SEO work that the company does can be found on their website at While having only just started to target the Auburn market, they are already proving to be very popular.

Mr Anthony Yap from eBusiness Masters says: “We have been working across the Kent area for some time and have experienced tremendous successes there. We have expanded both our team and our knowledge and skills set and are now ready to expand our reach. We are happy to see that businesses in Washington have already started to consider our services and that they are very pleased with what we can do.”

The main focus of the company is on search engine optimization (SEO). Once upon a time, SEO was mainly about creating keyword filled content and finding excellent backlinks. However, with almost daily Google algorithm updates, some of them very significant, SEO is now about far more than that. eBusiness Masters prides itself on always keeping their knowledge up to date and, as can be seen on their dedicated website page at, they offer a full service SEO that goes above and beyond keywords and backlinks.

Some of the things that eBusiness Masters addresses for their clients is helping them to gain an insight into who their ideal customers are, and how they can be targeted. They are one of the few SEO companies that offer what is known as ‘selective targeting’, something which they believe helps to increase the overall bottom line. Similarly, they actually look into the psychology of SEO and use this to create content that actually converts.

“We help our clients to build sales funnels that will truly supercharge their performance,” adds Anthony Yap. “We make sure that their website visitors come back again and again, re-marketing to them at every available opportunity.”

Anthony Yap and his team are uniquely qualified to deliver this type of work, as can be seen on their LinkedIn profile at


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