Handling SEO Leads and Creating Relationships to Close More Sales

Sometimes nurturing seo leads can be an extremely long sales process.  Not every lead may be instantly ready to purchase the service you have to offer. This means creating a plan that will allow you to keep conversations open while building solid relationships. Building relationships should be at the core of any sales process. Potential clients are more likely to buy from you if you can create an emotional and personal connection with them during your first conversation.


A good way to begin even prior to contacting your lead is to get yourself in the head of your customers. Ask them what they were thinking or going through when they decided to look for the kind of service you have to offer.  Make sure you are speaking to the person who actually has the authority to make purchasing decisions.  Get all the details, including their budget.

Even if your leads aren’t quite ready to buy, you want to establish trust and credibility so that when they are ready, they will reach out to you. It is important that you create a sales plan that will nurture the relationship regularly. Most prospects will be happy to talk if you ask them the right questions.

You may not close on every lead you go after, but if you take the necessary steps in building personal relationships, you will get closer towards success. Relationships are guaranteed to keep you ahead of the competition.