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Large Companies Agree on the Effectiveness of Web Leads

Recently the largest used-car retailer in the U.S. announced their shift back to using 3rd party lead generation sites as a vital marketing component. There are a variety of reasons why businesses choose 3rd party leads, either in addition to, or in replacement of, other direct marketing initiatives. One of the main factors is cost and ROI.

Being able to purchase leads directly from an unbiased industry authority, allows CarMax to maintain their stronghold in the industry, by ensuring that wherever the customer is searching, their brand can be found.

This helps to legitimize the theory that 3rd party leads can be used in a variety of ways:

1. To build a brand
2. To reinforcement a brand
3. To maintain industry positioning and market share

Companies (like CarMax, prior to the recent shift) that have the notion that 3rd party leads aren’t necessary to maintain growth, better have a hugely effective and sustainable marketing plan. The brands that do not, often learn (the hard way) after turning off their 3rd party leads, how devastating the impact can be.

For the full story about how Web Leads can help auto retailers such as CarMax:


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