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To Generate Leads, Take Your Own Advice?

At Web Leads, we obviously have a keen interest in seeing our clients succeed, on a variety of levels. We aren’t blind to the fact that most businesses need to adopt a multi-pronged advertising approach, in order to continue growing and scaling.

Some of our clients rely solely on Web Leads as their source to generate new clients. In reality, every company should have a core set of marketing principals, and well thought out direct marketing plan. Although we obviously want to sell as many seo leads as possible, we also want our clients to have a sustainable foundation, on which the use of 3rd party leads can be refined. This is always much easier than trying to purchase leads and gain clients, before knowing 1) who your ideal client is, 2) where to find them, and 3) how to make them interested in your services.

Too often we SEO agencies and web designers not using their own resources or skill-sets to better their online image and presence. It all comes back to taking a dose of your own medicine. As a means to get back to the basics, we thought the Search Engine People summed it up quite nicely in their article.

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