More SEO Leads For New SEO Services

A SEO company in Houston is offering new services to speed up the websites of their clients. And they are using SEO leads to get the word out and let their current and potential clients about their new services.

SEO Houston Pros Offers New Services To Speed Up Website

Based in Houston, Texas, SEO Houston Pros has announced new services that will help business owners to speed up their websites. The company points out that with these services businesses will be able to speed up their page loading times. Garrett Laidler, a spokesperson for the company says, “Page loading times are crucial for businesses. A slow loading page could reduce profit because just one second of delay could cause you to lose as much as seven percent of your conversions.”

Laidler says that slow loading times can also cause a decrease in total page views and a huge drop in overall customer satisfaction. He reveals that nearly half of all website visitors tend to abandon a site if what they are looking for does not load in three seconds or less, and that about half of those consumers will tell people that they had a bad experience on that website because of those slow loading times.

An article published in the Huffington Post states that the average attention span of website visitors is around eight seconds. The article says that, “If you captured my attention in that eight seconds, you have approximately four minutes and 52 seconds until my attention span is diverted again.”

It goes on to say that a delay in load times could cause the viewer to go elsewhere, and that 11 percent of those who feel a site loads too slowly will not waste their time on another page of the site. They will simply move on to a competitor site.

SEO Houston Pros says that keeping websites loading quickly is the only way to ensure that readers or buyers will stay, and that they offer services that can help business owners to speed up their websites, and keep those conversions coming. The company says that the first step in fixing the problem is contacting someone with solutions that have been proven to work.

The SEO company provides a free website audit and urges business owners to contact them for more details. Those interested in learning more about what the company offers can visit them on their official website or connect with them on Linkedin.

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