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New App Development Clients? Now What?

New App Development Clients? Now What?

Once you have closed on your application development leads, it’s time to go to work. Keeping these app development clients long-term should definitely be your goal.

Tips to keep your app development clients happy

Here we provide you with some simple tips that will keep your clients happy and hopefully around for the long haul.

1. Re-educate clients periodically about changes to their app or the industry. Not only will this let them know what is happening in the industry but it will also re-instill the sense that this is a long term process, and that a successful app doesn’t always happen right away.

2. Keep clients involved in what you are doing. They want to be involved in what you are doing with their app. It can be as simple as inviting them to a brainstorming session. Get more ideas from them about the details they might want.

3. Show them what you are doing throughout the process. All of this builds trust and makes them feel that they are a real part of the process… which they should be.

4. Support your clients every way you can. When they have questions get back to them quickly with a researched answer, reach out to them periodically even when not scheduled for the purpose of brainstorming, educating them, asking questions yourself, whatever it may be.

5. Finally, ask them how you can serve them better. They may have some ideas of their own.

Following just a few of these tips will drastically increase your retention rate as well as the number of new clients you can sign up. Not only that, the clients you have will be a whole lot happier.

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