Online B2B Behavior Report

Software Advice has released their 2013 Online B2B Buyer Behavior Report.  This report offers interesting key findings as well as implications for inside sales professionals moving into 2014. The main goal of the industry report is to try and discover when B2B buyers do online research, when they convert, and when sales professionals can get them on the phone. The B2B Buyer Behavior Report is packed full of information ideal for anyone managing a sales team based on lead generation.

A few helpful key findings include:

  • Calling a buyer within 5 seconds of converting online increases the chance of qualifying by 150% in comparison to calling within 1 minute.
  • Leads that come in Tuesday through Thursday qualify 2x the average qualification rate for other business days.
  • Traffic is highest just before and during lunchtime; and from 9:00 PM through 11:59 PM CST conversion rates are 13 percent higher than average.


It is important for sales teams to understand the online behavior of B2B buyers. Calling conversions immediately, at certain times of the year, week, and day can make all the difference when it comes to improving your ability to qualify and convert leads. For fresh insights and a full report on how B2B buyers are researching and converting on the Web visit