SEO Tips For Web Designers

As a web designer today, it is critical to build websites with SEO in mind. A great website design that implements good content and SEO is important for any type of business to find success online. If the search engines don’t pick it up, no one will ever see it and no matter how great looking the site is, your services are irrelevant.


Here we offer new web designers easy SEO tips that won’t  sacrifice your talent and creativity.

  • Flash and Search Engines – If you don’t know how to make Flash objects web-crawler friendly, they will not be easily accessible for search engines. This is important to remember when setting up your website’s navigation.
  • Externalize Java Script and CSS –  Search engines like to get content as easily as possible.  If Java Script and CSS are not externalized it adds several lines of additional code and can make crawling content slower.
  • Good Structure for Content –  Take into account good content structure like paragraphs, headings, and links that search engines can easily read.  Also make sure your site has enough content. Sites with very little content struggle in search rankings.
  • Useful Heading Tags – Make sure you use proper heading tags in your webpage content. They provide search engines with information. They often place higher value on the tags to other text on the page.