Web Leads LLC

What are SEO and Web Design leads?

They are small to medium-sized businesses, who have expressed an interest in receiving a quote for either SEO service, web design, or both. This will be detailed on the leads you receive and you can select either Web Design or SEO, or both.

The prospects have either replied to an email from us, stating that they would be open to getting quotes from up to 4 providers, or they have requested such through a web-based form. The leads generated using email marketing, come via an opt-in database that we maintain and grow, of U.S. business owners. After receiving our newsletter(s) or communication intermittently for a period of time, they eventually receive a message that states WebLeads can connect them with up to 4 providers, who can send quotes on the service(s) that they feel will be of benefit. Those that respond positively, requesting or accepting a phone call and email, become a “lead”.

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