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Qualifications for Returning a Lead

1. In order to receive credit for the lead, you must return it within 48 hours of the original sending date of the lead (The date that WebLeads emailed it to you).

2. Below are the reasons for which we will delete a lead from a client’s account and send another, as a “Credit”:

1. Invalid phone number

2. Invalid email address

3. Wrong name

4. Claims to have not received info

5. Non Contact (Provided that documentation is provided showing 10 phone call attempts within the first 5 business days)

Our team will follow up with the prospect to remind them of their request, in an attempt to resend you the lead. In some cases, leads forget about their previous request for a quote.


3. Below are NOT valid reasons for returning a lead:

1. Won’t respond via email

2. Claims to not have money or that the service is too expensive.

3. Chose another provider

4. No longer needs the service

(In certain extreme cases, if it’s determined that the prospect did not want the service at the time of their request, and were confused when making the request, we have made exceptions. This must be documented in writing by the prospect/ lead).


See How Do I Request Credit for or Return a Lead

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