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SEO Professional Leads

SEO Professional Leads

If you are buying an SEO leads package, you might want to consider professional leads. What are these and why are they different?

When you purchase a package of SEO professionals leads you get potential clients sent to you from legal, medical, and other professional offices. These leads have been receiving our newsletter about their service of interest. This means you won’t be cold calling professionals who don’t understand your services.

Each professional lead you receive has already been asked by our team of professionals if they would be open to speaking up to four consultants. Due to the business type, these prospects often have a more stable budget, and are in some cases more specific about what they would like.

The best part about SEO leads from our professional package is that we offer these potential clients help and guidance every step of the way through the fact-finding, research, and ultimately decision-making phases. Your agency gets assistance from our team before you even receive them.

A wrap up of what you get with professional leads:

  • Legal, Medical and other professional offices
  • Interested in speaking with up to 4 qualified consultants about their service needs
  • Company name, Contact name, Phone, Email, and comments (where available) provided
  • Leads are sent up to 48 hours after generation, due to our commitment to verify the information prior to sending
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