Stand Out Content For Your SEO Leads


Keep Up With Trends To Impress New Clients

SEO is a really, really important part of social media management.  Keeping up with current trends and what your customers are searching for is imperative as each additional click or search helps drive traffic to your websites. Regularly posting fresh content on your site is one of the easiest ways to introduce potential customers or clients to your brand.

Of course, you can’t just throw a bunch of words on a page and expect people to come running.  SEO services know that building a solid foundation before setting out to attract customers is key to the long term success of your SEO business.

Make Keywords a Priority

If you’re going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of the time and dedication put into your work. Find out which keywords and phrases people are searching for in regards to you and your competition, and make yourself a spreadsheet. Keep track of how many times you work the keywords into your web content writing, and use the right tools to track where you rank for the keywords you target.  The more time put into your keyword research the better your results.  Your SEO process may take a while to get off the ground but keep up and keep researching.

Keep your Content Relevant

No one knows what you are trying to accomplish for your business more than you do.  So what kind of expert advice or tips do you have that you can share? If not, you can at least discuss news relating to your business. When in doubt, look at your list of SEO keywords and see what kind of list, link bait or in-depth posts you can work those keywords into.  Ask people in your community for what is currently trending and what people care about.  The more you know the people you are in fact catering to the more your content will end up in their daily reading.  Your SEO leads come from hours and hours of work so use that knowledge to your advantage.

Edit Your Work

The only difference between professional SEO services and regular people optimizing is an eye for self editing. Programs like OpenOffice, Google Docs and Microsoft Word make it easy.  Having an eye for aesthetically pleasing formatting is also important. Stay away from super long paragraphs and sentences that go on for miles.  Keep your content concise and to the point; your customers will thank you for it.

Promote Yourself

Once you’ve written and posted the fresh content, the work is only half complete. The final step of all web content writing is acting as your own online marketing agency and linking your content all over the place. Comment on blogs and link back to your site. Submit your content to Digg, Reddit and Facebook. Social media management and web content writing go hand-in-hand, and as soon as you hit the “Publish” button on your fresh article or blog, make sure to get your content everywhere and anywhere possible.

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