Top 3 Statistics For Your SEO Leads

SEO And A Company’s Online Presence

Helping a client understand the importance of SEO leads and how vital it is to a company’s online presence is the best way to close. Explaining the shear necessity of programming their online business listings in order to outrank their competition in local search rankings and the different keywords that could set them apart will help. In this blog we offer key elements to helping your SEO leads understand why it is so important.


Top 3 SEO Advantages

Keyword Programming 

Making sure that their company is popping up under each and every service they provide is what’s going to set you apart from the competition online.  Most business owners barely know how to work on a computer and their online listings (google, angie’s list, YP) were nonexistent.  Some have IT partners that helped them but the vast majority primarily focused on their word of mouth business and the same customers they have relied on before SEO was relevant.  Investing in their company’s online presence in a day and age where 80% of people do their online searches on a mobile device is crucial to a business’ success.  Of course keeping their current customers on board is also very important yet introducing them to new and modern business ideas is also an important step to adapt and evolve with the generation they are serving as an owner.

SEO and Location

You’d be surprised how many business owners don’t even have their correct, updated address on their business listings that thousands of potential customers can’t find each and every day.  They need to know that their outreach as a business owner needs to be covered within their area with the correct address and phone number for customers to get in contact with them. Optimizing your keywords with Google Maps is also a huge step as popping up within a 50-100 mile radius in their area can bring potential new customers that they wouldn’t of had without optimization.  

Other SEO Advantages 

Extra features that go along with an SEO lead service  include click-to-call features that mobile users could easily use to get in contact with them.  All the user would have to do is click the phone button on their listing and it will automatically call the business.  It’s very simple yet very effective for a generation reliant on convenience.  Review monitoring is also an important feature offered by SEO companies because it allows business owners to directly communicate with their customers.  If a customer leaves a negative review on their listing, it could dramatically affect your business.  That is why it’s the responsibility of the business owner to apologize for the negative experience the customer may of had and promise to work towards improving it.  Potential customers gravitate towards initiative like that from business owners and could make or break their business in the long run.

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