Top Challenges Facing Sales Reps


If you are a sales rep or in a position where you are hiring and training reps, you need qualified talent. Sales reps today are asked to perform at extremely high levels and need competencies in selling, presentation, negotiations and closing. Knowing some of the challenges that you or your team might face will help you in your effort to get results for your company.


  • Lack of leads – There is always room for improvement when it comes to the quality and quantity of leads that are coming in to your sales room. Sign up with a lead buying company that is known for getting real results.
  • Career Advancement – What do sales reps have to look forward to? Does your business offer advancement to those who do well? Reliable, hard working sales reps want to know that results will get them somewhere.
  • Procedures/Red Tape – How difficult do you make it for your sales reps to get the job done? Are you asking your sales reps to also deal with contracts, orders, etc? If the process is eating up valuable time, your sales reps will not be able to close on as many leads.
  • Training – If you want the most out of your sales reps you need to put in the time. Product knowledge and coaching from management are needed to get results. Sales reps cannot learn everything on their own. Also, give someone a chance. Practice makes perfect.
  • Rewards – If you offer great rewards, your sales team will do a better job. Offer incentives or monthly bonuses and goals for your sales reps to work towards. Just don’t forget that everyone needs a little recognition.