New Research Proves Lead Generation Companies Respond Fast recently published a study done by on lead generation companies and their response. The new research shows a dramatic increase in the speed of lead response by generation companies nearly two days faster. posed as “secret shoppers” and submitted tests to hundreds of companies to see how fast and persistent they responded to them. Results showed that companies are seeing the importance of responding quickly to web-generated leads in order to increase contact and successful results. Of all the tests has done the lead generation industry is now the fastest industry in terms of response that they have tested.


The study goes on to show where leads fail to convert.  It typically falls in a consistent lack of following up. There is always some sort of conflict between sales and marketing strategies. The new research data has proved that sales teams are not having success due to consistent follow through.

Immediate response to leads effects close rates. With lead generation companies now providing to quick and responsive time, the sales teams just need to step up. When a company is paying money to buy leads and sales teams are not calling for 2 days, they are bound to not have any luck.

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