What if a lead claims to have been contacted by more than 4 companies?


We see a few trends among prospects in any industry, who are providing their contact details, to receive more information about a product or service. One of the most common, is to exaggerate any potentially unsatisfactory part of their experience. We see this most frequently among prospects who have either changed their mind and decided that they no longer want a quote, or from those who might not have actually expected 4 consultants calling them, as promised by Web Leads.

Because the prospect does not want to face the uncomfortable admission that “i have changed my mind” or “maybe i wasn’t ready to receive a quote from 4 consultants”, it’s easier for them to point the finger at Web Leads, with claims such as “i never requested this” or “i have had at least 15 companies contacting me!”.

After years of being in the lead industry, the Web Leads staff has seen it all, and we are more than used to dealing with these individuals. The best way to deal with them, is to forward the lead back to support, with a short description of why you would like a credit, for the bad lead (see “How to request credit for a lead“).

To reiterate, Web Leads does not sell a lead to more than 4 companies, under any circumstance, and this has always been our policy. If at any time you have a prospect making this claim, it means it is someone who has changed their mind or might have been confused. Either way, you will not be paying for the lead, provided you send it back to support and follow our procedure for returning leads.