Web Leads LLC

How does WebLeads generate leads?

The leads are generated in 2 ways:

1. The prospects have either replied to an email from us, stating that they would be open to getting quotes from up to 4 providers,

2 or they have requested such through a web-based form.

The leads generated using email marketing, come via an opt-in database that we maintain and grow, of U.S. business owners. After receiving our newsletter(s) or communication intermittently for a period of time, they eventually receive a message that states WebLeads can connect them with up to 4 providers, who can send quotes on the service(s) that they feel will be of benefit. Those that respond positively, requesting or accepting a phone call and email, become a “lead”.

Please note, that we cannot send leads or separate leads, based on the budget of the lead, location of the lead, or company-type.

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