3 Common SEO Mistakes

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SEO is changing all the time. It can be tough to figure out exactly the right way to accomplish your clients goals. There are a few mistakes that can be avoided that will make a big difference in helping your clients reach their own goals with leads.

Don’t Overuse Keywords

Keywords are the life of your content. Customers have to be able to find and link to it in some fashion, but too much of a good thing can turn into an issue. If you continuously use the same wording or phrases without any changes then search engines may start to lower your ranking as they spot an increased bounce rate.  A quick fix is to put your English skills to work and provided synonyms to keep relating your work while skipping out on the low rankings.

Don’t Cheat

Ever hear of get rich quick schemes? When is the last time one of those actually worked? If they did, everyone would use them and there would be a whole new generation of millionaires walking around. Same works for SEO. It is important to skip out on buy-back links, and link networks. They may give you what you want in terms of quantity, but the quality will not be there. In turn, your quality and reliability will decrease. This will actually counteract what you were trying to do in the first place. Nothing replaces hard work. Continue to make quality content and your rankings will increase the right way.

Don’t Link Externally

Well, maybe never say never. Just be careful. Too much external linking can end with you being penalized and hit a rankings spiral. This can create a dual effect in a negative fashion. Number one, it allows Google and others to be alerted to suspicious or uncommon linking. As discussed before, this will downgrade your rankings. Secondly, it will do a disservice to your content. People want to be see unique work and drawn to it. If these external links are overdone then the work looks fake and recycled. It won’t take long for the reader to be turned off and navigate away from your work. Who knows one of these external links may send your users to content they have no business looking at and that could give you another set of issues entirely.

Web Leads High Quality Lead Packages

At this point, you can probably tell that, we at Web Leads are not just in the business of selling SEO, or call center leads, we’re extremely involved in our clients’ businesses. We want to help your business reach its fullest potential by providing a reputable and honest service that will positively affect your sales. We won’t provide you with “cheap labor leads.” We only deal in quality because our clients deserve only the best. But enough about us, experience the results for yourself.

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