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4 Valuable Customer Service Traits for Call Center Agents

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All call center customer service agents are not created equal. Some of them have traits that easily transition into the work they do, while others need to learn how to better serve their customers. In either case, it always important to offer training and have a universal way that agents handled issues with customers. There are several traits that can be developed through these training sessions.


This is one of the most important traits an agent can have. Customers are going to call in with an issue which will have them irritated and in panic. The best way to handle these situations is for the agent to remain calm themselves. Don’t feed into the frustration of the caller. Agents must listen closely and make sure they are able to offer a solution that will fix the problem and ease the customer’s mind.


This goes for the customers that have present large issues as well as those that offer issues that have a quick fix. Showing that you car enough to take the time to help them is the main point. It lets them know that there is always someone there willing to listen and work with them no matter how overwhelmed or troubled they may feel.

Being Able to Adapt

Anybody can handle issues when they follow the steady flow, but what happens when things go crazy? What happens when something occurs that isn’t in the agent’s step by step routine? Being able to navigate and multitask is one of the keys to adaptability. Adjusting and finding a solution is what sets a great customer service agent apart from the rest.

Clear Communication

Nobody wants to sit on the phone with an automated message that doesn’t solve their issue. They want humans to be able to fix their problem. It is important for customer service agents to make sure to be clear in their communication with the customer. They need to make sure they understand the problem. Often, repeating the issue back to the customer ensures that both the agent and customer are on the same page. From there, they need to make sure to go at a pace where the customer can follow. When the agent offers a solution, they should be able to answer questions and provide a clear course of action. Clear communication and understanding will leave the customer satisfied and eliminate repeat calls and further frustration.

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