SEO reporting that increases your retention

When optimizing SEO for a client, you need to make sure your report is providing outcomes. It can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly — just make sure it’s consistent. An SEO report allows your clients to visualize what they are paying for. They want to see if your services are worth the cost.

An SEO report also offers you a chance to see what strategies are working and which are not. A strong and consistent SEO report will not only increase your retention but gain referrals in the future.  

What is SEO reporting?

Essentially, an SEO report is all the statistics and analytics showing your clients how their websites are performing in the search engine rankings. A strong SEO report:


  • Provides key data
  • Expertly summarizes information
  • Explains fluctuations
  • Maps corrections
  • Projects achievable goals

When it comes to key data in your SEO report, make sure to include organic traffic, return rate, clicks, and keyword difficulty. There’s much more and this page does a nice job of explaining what key data an SEO report should include.

Why is SEO reporting important?

These reports show off the SEO work you’ve completed and the value added to the client. Since your clients are paying good money for your services, they want to make sure their money is producing returns. These reports prove what you’ve created tangible results.

Reports also set up a line of communication between you and your clients. When you meet for reports you can also make sure that you both are on the same page on what they want and what you can provide.

How does SEO reporting increase your client retention?

At the end of the day, a positive SEO report equals a happy client. A happy client is more likely to be retained. That’s the basics of business. So how can you create SEO reports that promote retention? Below are a few strategies:

Focus on what your client cares most about

If your client has been struggling to get organic traffic to its website, make sure that organic traffic is the first element you mention in your report. It shows you are focusing on what is important to them.  

Make it simple to understand

You don’t have to try to impress your clients with tech words and nonsensical jargon. Remember, your clients aren’t SEO experts — that’s why they hired you! They want reports worded in ways that they can understand.

Use images

It’s easy to understand complicated data when you can visualize it. How you display information is crucial. It’s not just using graphs either; try to think outside of the box in ways that will surprise your clients.   

SEO reports are one of the most important aspects of client retention. There are thousands of people and businesses offering SEO help, so make your company stand out by creating reports that go above and beyond your competitors. This website features some good visual ideas.