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Stages of a Successful Sales Conversion Funnel

Every company wants a great conversion rate. But there always seems to be new tips out there claiming that they will turn more leads into sales. But do these suggestions really work? Are they just fads in the industry?

conversion funnel

One conversion method is consistent and reliable: focusing on your sales conversion funnel.

What is a sales conversion funnel?

Essentially, a sales conversion funnel is synonymous with your sales process. It’s the process your company leads potential clients through on their way to make a sale.

What are the stages of a sales conversion funnel?

All sales conversion funnels have core key elements. Making sure your content is easy to read and separated into relevant sections that are easy for the mobile web user is essential. Your sales funnel should include these stages:


  • Interest Stage – the lead is aware of your product and curious about what you offer
  • Evaluation Stage – the lead compares your product to your competitors
  • Decision Stage – the lead decides to buy and become a client
  • Reassessment Stage – the client reviews your product and services deciding whether to remain a client
  • Re-purchase Stage – the client decides to purchase from your business again
  • Referral Stage – the client refers friends and other businesses, restarting your sales funnel with new leads


How can I improve our sales conversion funnel stages?

Creating the technical aspects of your sales funnel is just the first step. Now comes the human element, meaning how your sales team interacts inside of this funnel with their leads and current clients.

Ask critical questions of your sales conversion funnel process

You need to be looking critically at each phase of your current sales conversion funnel. Brainstorm ideas with your sales team and ask questions like:

  • How can we increase our company’s brand awareness?
  • Are we keeping up with marketing trends?
  • What are our competitors doing differently?
  • How can we recognize our lead’s needs?
  • Are we retaining enough customers after conversion?
  • Are current customers referring others?

Improve lead customer service

It’s important to remember that your leads aren’t just data points; they are real people behind a screen. Just because your sales are occurring within a digital marketplace doesn’t mean you can ignore the human element. That means your leads need to be treated like real people with top-notch customer service. Leads want to feel like their business is important. And it needs to be treated as such — without leads, your business can’t sustain itself.

No need to be pushy

Most visitors to your website are just looking. It’s no different than when you pass a brick-and-mortar store on the street and peer in the window. Sometimes people are just curious. In fact, approximately 75% of visitors to your website aren’t looking for a sales pitch.

It doesn’t end after the sale

Converting the lead into a client isn’t the last step. From that point, it’s all about keeping the client. There are many factors that can keep current clients happy. Some include:

  • Outreach programs, like blogs and emails
  • Social media engagement with current clients
  • Local events and community outreach
  • Loyalty programs

Keeping current clients happy also helps with your new lead conversion. Not only will current clients give you repeat business and opportunities to up-sell, but your current clients are also essential in terms of referrals. Leads that are referred begin deeper into the sales conversion funnel than do cold leads less familiar with your product.

Current clients are also a large factor in your social media presence. Happy clients are more likely to share testimonials and pictures of your products via social media platforms. Why is this important? Social media shares can bring viral traffic towards your website initiating the sales funnel on already hot leads.

The idea of a sales conversion funnel doesn’t have to be intimidating or complex. As long as you have a plan and best practices to maintain each step you are in good shape. Be self-critical of where you can improve your process through each stage. Maintaining focus on your sales conversion funnel will continue your business on the right track for increased conversion rate.


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