5 Elements of a Good Sales Script

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Sales scripts are important when selling any type of product or your business in general. It is important to not sound robotic, but it is also important to have an outline of all the things that need to be addressed so that you don’t miss a beat. There are several elements that can make for a solid foundation for your sales script.

Explanation Of The Product

This may seem like a no-brainer and it is. However, you need to look at it from the perspective of a customer. If they don’t know what you are selling then why would they want to buy it? If they don’t have a description of what it is and what it does how are they expected to know if they can use or need it? Taking the time to identify what the product is is an important first step.

Claim Your Target Audience

General descriptions are a good start, but you must adjust this for your target audience. After all, you aren’t going to be able to sell to everyone. You must understand what your customers is going to want and develop questions to highlight those wants and needs.

Explanation of Benefits

This is a familiar term for a lot of people. As you develop your script keep it in mind as well. Customers want to know how this is going to effect them. Much like when there is a presidential candidate. It is nice to know their general campaign promises, but how do they effect your job, health, and expectations? In your sales script you need to make sure to sell your services and lay the benefits out in front of the customer.

Good Versus Bad

If you explain the benefits then you must also explain anything that might seem like a weakness to the potential client. Don’t look at it as a negative. This is a chance to be honest with your customers. They deserve to know what to expect and when they can expect it.

Develop Questions From Weak Areas

Listing negatives doesn’t seem like a good idea and it isn’t if you don’t complete this last step. You must identify questions to ask the customer based on those weak areas. Asking things like “how did you feel about the process?,” “was it time consuming?” This allows you to identify what met expectations and what didn’t. Then you are able to go in and resolve any outstanding concerns for the customer.

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