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4 things your CRM system needs to do to foster leads

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is essential to foster leads growing sales and maintaining relationships with existing clients. It stores all over your customer data for easy access, integrating communication between your sales teams and clients. Below we will take a look at 4 things your CRM system needs to do to grow your business and foster leads.

Do I really need a CRM system?

As your business grows, you’ll start go get more customers than you can keep track of. Sure you can manually enter all their information in software like Excel, but a data program like that doesn’t offer a whole lot of features. A CRM system allows your business to instantly:


  • Focus on hot leads
  • Keep all customer data in one secure place
  • Access information from any connected device
  • Schedule appointments


In short, in this digital driven sales age your business is going to need a quality CRM system to remain competitive.

1) Include a Cloud Based Platform

Your workforce needs to have access to your CRM system from anywhere. The way we are working is changing, and not everyone is coming into an office every day. Many people work from home, or perhaps, like a lot of businesses, you are employing a number of freelancers. These freelancers work remotely and will need access to your CRM from where they live.

2) Manage leads

A quality CRM system needs to enable users to see all of your sales pipeline activities. It should show where each lead is in the pipeline and the tasks in the conversion funnel. From your CRM system your sales team needs to be able to call or email your leads without ever leaving the program. No more need to log into different platforms to complete the same project. A great CRM has all you team needs to foster leads in one place.

3) Instant messaging is a must

Co-workers need to communicate in real time. Teams across all departments need to communicate with each other. A quality CRM system allows for instant messaging directly from the platform. Team members can ask each other for help or suggestions as managers monitor everyone’s progress. Your sales team also needs to be able to share files and keep all documents in one central and safe digital location, too.

4) Top tier analytics

Client data is nothing if you can’t make sense of it. A quality CRM system takes all those data points and turns it into powerful sales tools. It presents data in meaningful ways that everyone across your teams can understand. The best CRM systems allow for manipulation of the data to create customized reports.


In essence, a quality CRM system is designed to foster your leads. It manages data so you don’t have to allowing your team more time to drive sales and reach their goals. Do your research and find a CRM system that includes the above qualities.  


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