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So you want to start an SEO business

seo businessSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) has become big business. Every company from every sector wants their website to appear on the first page of search engine results and turn to an SEO business to provide results.

You want to create a thriving company that focuses solely on SEO and helping other businesses drive more web traffic. Here are some tips to get started with your SEO lead generation.

Build a quality website

Like any other company, you will be in competition for clients. You’ll need a high-quality website to help you stand out. Not only that, since you are advertising yourself as an expert in SEO, your website better be near the top of the web search rankings. You’re putting your money where your mouth is. Your web presence shows the world that you are competent and will drive SEO lead generation.

If you don’t have the technical skills to build your own website, you’ll need to hire an expert. Think of a quality website as a capital investment in your business’ future.

Your website needs to be uncluttered and simple to use. Within half a minute on landing on your page leads need to know:

  • What your company offers
  • Examples or testimonials of your work
  • How to contact you

Testimonials are Important

In order to start and grow your SEO business leads are going to want to see the kind of work you produce. Don’t feel bad about asking former clients to write a testimonial for your website. If they don’t feel like they have the time to write a testimonial ask if they could record a 30-second video on their phone.

Offer Something for Free

When you are a new company you’re going to have to give your leads an incentive. It doesn’t have to be something major or too time-consuming. Try something like offering a free SEO assessment. It will give you something concrete to sell your lead after the assessment takes place. Their SEO might only be lacking in a few specific areas and you can start the conversion process there.

Use a Live Chat Feature

When you’re starting a new business keep in mind that leads are busy people. They don’t want to have to go to your website, then make a call to learn more about your serves, then go back to your website again. They want a one-stop shop.

A live chat feature allows for leads to having their questions answered without ever leaving your website.

Hire Freelancers

freelancersAs your SEO business begins to grow, you’re going to need help with projects. You don’t want to invest too much capital in hiring full-time employees right at the beginning. Freelancers are a great option to add temporary employees for specific products.

Try hiring from a reputable freelancer database. If a freelancer ends up being a great employee, look to hire them full time once your business has scaled to the point where you can afford it.

If a freelancer isn’t working out, just end the contract and move on to a new one.

Consider Purchasing some Leads

Why not purchase some leads to get your SEO lead generation started? When you buy leads from a reputable company, they are targeted directly to your needs. This keeps you from wasting countless hours cold calling and sending Emails that get you nowhere. When you purchase quality leads they start further down your sales conversion funnel. It’s surprisingly affordable too! ((backlink to one of our sales conversion funnel blogs))  

Starting your own SEO business isn’t as difficult as you may think. Outside of some of the technical suggestions listed above, it takes hard work and perseverance. You are investing in yourself and your knowledge of what you do best. It’s your vision, now get started reaching your dream of being an SEO business owner.  


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