3 Forecasts For The Future of SEO

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SEO is changing constantly. It’s important for your SEO business success to always be in the know of changes in the industry. There are a few trends and predictions we have been hearing about that you may want to know.

The Enhanced Role of UX

User experience or UX is going to become more important. Search results are going to become more customized and specific to the user. That means it will be more important than ever to have content that is geared to them that fits their needs. If it falls short, then all of your great information is meaningless. It’s all about what your user wants. It is supply and demand. Listen and evaluate your consumer and both of your experiences will be better.

AMP Will be King

We are gaining more mobility on a daily basis. Mobile outlets will be the primary index for searches. It isn’t because of the look or style of mobile pages. It is the speed and efficiency that come into play and that’s why accelerated mobile pages are going to be the go to for Google. These listings are shooting past a lot of organic results. So they are faster and gaining more viewers. It’s pretty clear that is where users want to be. These mobile searches move fast, but if you are sluggish in using AMP then you will be left in the dust by those that already are.

AI Will Take Control

Yes, searches are becoming more sophisticated, but eventually AI might take them to a whole other level. They will be able to refine the patterns ad increase accuracy and understand content. Some are worried that will be the end of SEO, but they should understand that it might just be the next evolution. This might force those working in SEO to start searching within themselves to better their current content and abilities. That way when AI becomes a real force then they are prepared. There will always be a place for informative, engaging and unique content whether it is man made or based from AI.

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